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Specific Class Codes


Workers’ compensation insurance for artisan contractors, plumbers, electricians, interior painters, and others in construction with a maximum height exposure of under 26 feet and a max depth exposure of 4 feet.


Workers’ compensation insurance for landscapers, including lawn maintenance, hardscape work and general landscaping work without tree trimming or removal.

Trucking and Transport

Workers’ compensation insurance for truckers and local delivery drivers who do not transport combustible or hazardous materials.

Janitorial and Cleaning

Workers’ compensation insurance for cleaners, including janitorial, carpet cleaning, dry cleaning, laundry services, and residential cleaners that do not provide hazardous material cleanup.


Workers’ compensation insurance for manufacturers, including furniture, plastics, sheet metal, food, printing, and machinery.

Office and Administrative

Workers’ compensation insurance for office employees, including design firms, tech startups, or financial services businesses.


Workers’ compensation insurance for automotive services, including car washes, tire shops, and auto repair and body shops that don’t provide emergency roadside repair.

Retail Stores

Workers’ compensation insurance for retailers such as grocery stores, hardware stores, garden supply, wholesale, and building materials companies.

Restaurants and Bars

Workers’ compensation insurance for restaurants, bars, bakeries, caterers, cafes, and other small businesses in the food service industry that are not open 24 hours a day.

Looking for the specific class codes?

2589 – Laundry and Dry Cleaning Store-Retail-and Route Supervisors, Drivers
2883 – Furniture Manufacturing and Cabinet Shop-Wood-NOC
5022 – Masonry NOC
5146 – Furniture or Fixtures Installation-Portable-NOC
5190 – Electrical Wiring-Within Buildings and Drivers
5221 – Concrete or Cement Work-Floors, Driveways, Yards or Sidewalks-and Drivers
5348 – Ceramic Tile, Indoor Stone, Marble, or Mosaic Work
5437 – Carpentry-Installation of Cabinet Work or Interior Trim
5474 – Painting NOC and Shop Operations, Drivers
6400 – Fence Installation and Repair—Metal, Vinyl, Wood, or Prefabricated Concrete Panel Fence Installed by Hand
7219 – Trucking: NOC-All Employees and Drivers
7605 – Burglar and Fire Alarm Installation or Repair and Drivers
8010 – Store: Hardware
8293 – Storage Warehouse NOC
8380 – Automobile Service or Repair Center and Drivers
8742 – Salespersons or Collectors-Outside
8810 – Clerical Office Employees NOC
8869 – Child Care Center-All Employees Including Clerical, Salespersons and Drivers
9014 – Janitorial Services by Contractors – No Window Cleaning Above Ground
9082 – Restaurant NOC
9102 – Park NOC-All Employees and Drivers
9519 – Household and Commercial Appliances—Electrical—Installation, Service or Repair, and Drivers
0042 – Landscape Gardening and Drivers