Pay-as-you-go with RPM

Simpler billing to better serve your small business clients.

Pay-as-you-go was developed to make the commercial insurance experience even more cost-effective and stress-free for small business owners. By adopting Pie’s Pay-as-you-go solution, small businesses can reduce upfront costs, improve overall cash flow, and simplify their workers’ comp audit experience. RPM works directly with the insured and their payroll company to ensure accurate premium payments throughout the policy term.

How to gain access to RPM’s Pay-as-you-go services in the partner portal

If RPM’s Pay-as-you-go services are a good fit for your agency, please call the partner experience team to have the option added to your agency’s account. The team will walk you through how to bind with RPM and can answer any questions you may have.

Sign up today, call 855-858-5988.

Pay-as-you-go in the partner portal

Once set up, your billing options in the partner portal will include Payroll Billing. When you’re ready to bind, just select payroll billing and use the drop down menu to select RPM.

If an online bind is not an option, simply email your bind request to subs[at] with a note asking for the policy to be bound with payroll billing through RPM.

How to bind a policy using RPM’s Pay-as-you-go services

Just follow these three simple steps:

Complete the Authorization Form

You’ll need to fill out the form for each client you sign up for Pay-as-you-go billing.

Follow instructions to access the form

Follow these steps to access the form and ensure you have entered the correct information.

Submit the form

Once you’ve entered the information, click submit. An email will automatically be sent to the insured.


Check out our frequently asked questions about how pay-as-you-go billing with RPM will work at Pie Insurance.

Can I convert a current direct-billed customer to Pay-as-you-go using this option?

Yes, current direct billed customers are able to switch their billing to Pay-as-you-go. If you are interested please reach out to our partner support agents at  for more information.

Do I need to have any contract with RPM?

Pie agency partners do not need to have a contract with RPM before accessing the service for your clients. The only requirement is that you ensure the authorization form is completed and returned to RPM for each of our clients at the time of a bind.

Where can I get the RPM Authorization Form?

Download the RPM Authorization form, which must be completed and returned for each client to access Pay-as-you-go services through RPM.

What happens if the insured fails to report payroll?

If your client doesn’t report payroll information to RPM, and therefore Pie does not receive the appropriate information, the policy may be cancelled or switched to direct bill.

What are the benefits of Pay-as-you-go to my client?

More accurate premium payment options

Your monthly premium is based on your actual payroll, not an estimate.

Handy automatic deductions

Never forget to pay your bill. It’s automatically deducted via credit card or ACH.

Zero percent down

Skip the up-front deposit, freeing up funds to grow your business.

You can also download our Pay-as-you-go one-pager to explain the benefits to your small business clients.

Need a hand?

Our dedicated team of partner support agents are available to quickly help you. Email the team with questions anytime at agencyservice[at]