Small businesses and commercial agents have dealt with outdated workers’ comp experiences for too long. Pie is staging an intervention.

Many people see clever and trendy insurance ads and assume all insurance lines have successfully crossed into the modern era. It is nearly the year 2020, after all. However, small business owners and insurance experts could tell a different story altogether, especially when it comes to shopping for workers’ compensation coverage.

For decades, getting workers’ comp insurance has remained an archaic process. In fact, it’s justly gained a reputation as a time-consuming and altogether overly-expensive coverage type. For almost everyone involved, finding the right workers’ comp coverage means one thing: hassle.

This hassle is experienced by small business owners and insurance agents alike. Having worked with insurance carriers for 15 years, I’ve seen just how critical a role insurance brokers play for many small business owners who are seeking coverage. These agents have had to battle with a taxing and complicated insurance ecosystem—a battle that often still results in expensive workers’ comp coverage for their clients. 

Throughout my career, I’ve imagined what a modern commercial insurance experience could be: one where data drives decisions and makes life easier for both agents and small business owners. That dream became a reality when we launched Pie, and we’ve seized this long-awaited opportunity to transform the small business insurance experience for everyone

Pie improves the entire workers’ compensation insurance experience from quote to claim so that small businesses and our insurance agent partners both win. Small business owners can now save up to 30% in minutes—and whether they choose to get a quote directly online or partner with an insurance agent to find coverage, we make getting workers’ comp coverage as easy as pie.

From the beginning, Pie has worked with local, regional, and national insurance agencies that share our mission for easier and more affordable workers’ compensation insurance. One of our very first agency partners is Appalachian Underwriters—ranked as the nation’s 5th largest MGA by Business Insurance. Together, we’ve been able to write policies for almost 1,000 customers, helping their small business clients attain more affordable workers’ comp coverage with ease.

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