Customer success stories are wonderful tools for insurance agents. Today’s consumers rely on personal accounts and word-of-mouth testimonials when they are deciding where to take their business. Success stories can help your insurance agency build credibility, generate leads, and convert potential clients into satisfied customers. These success stories can come in many forms and can be repurposed according to your evolving needs. For example, a happy customer might be willing to share:

  • A detailed, glowing review posted on a third-party website
  • An upbeat client testimonial that can be featured on your agency’s website
  • A social media post describing how happy they are to have found your agency
  • An engaging “case study” story about how your agency has improved a customer’s life

Who should you ask to share a customer story?

You can ask any client who has had a positive experience if they would be willing to share. You may find that those who generally post regularly on social media will be more likely to share publicly. But don’t rule out your clients who aren’t as active on social media—they may be good prospects for interviews or article quotes. Here are some people you should ask: 

  • Any client who refers other business to you
  • Anyone who has posted a positive review about your agency on a third-party website
  • A client who has recommended you on their personal or business social media account
  • A customer who tells you directly that they are pleased with your service
  • Another business you work with for a B2B story

When is the best time to ask clients to participate in a success story?

Ask clients if they’re willing to share a success story as soon as you receive initial positive feedback. Right when a customer posts a review online, tags you in social media, tells you how happy they are, or sends another client your way—reach out and ask whether they would be willing to provide a testimonial about their experience. 

Don’t put it off. You may not get around to it, and the freshness of the experience could begin to wear off for the client. Your goal is to capture that enthusiasm to share with future clients. Have your request and an interview template prepared and ready to present to the happy customer.

How to ask for a success story

Here are 6 steps to asking clients to share their positive experiences. You can do this via email, in person, or over the phone.

  1. Thank them for their business and acknowledge how you’ve come to know they are pleased with your service.
  2. Briefly describe what type of success story you’d like for them to share (online review, website testimonial, social media post, interview for a story, etc.) and tell them exactly how it will be used.
  3. Provide details about how promoting the story will be completed (link to a review website, set up possible appointment times for an interview, etc.).
  4. If relevant, attach a list of interview questions to help them describe their experience. From this, you’ll be able to pull quotes and craft a compelling story.
  5. Send examples of success stories from other clients.
  6. Thank them for their willingness to participate. You may even want to send a “thank you” note or a small gift in appreciation for their willingness to participate.

With a bit of forethought and footwork, cultivating success stories can become second nature. You’ll be able to easily incorporate this fruitful means of marketing into your regular work routine. You may even find that learning more about your customers’ experiences with your agency is a rewarding way to forge lasting partnerships and open other doors to success.

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